Strategy is turning the resources you have into the power you need to win the change you want.

Ever heard the old adage that “if you are not at the table, then you are on the menu”? Proactively communicating with policymakers about how policies affect your business is necessary into today’s political environment. Policymakers want and need to hear how proposed legislative and regulatory issues will affect your business and your customers. Being represented at the decision-making table enables our clients to advocate for a solution appropriate to the business, instead of a solution being imposed on you.   

Whether it is the House or Senate, Democrats or Republicans, our bi-partisan relationships across the Capitol and in the Administration affords our clients the opportunity to be heard by key decision-makers in Washington.

Our bipartisan relationships can help you accomplish your goals at all levels of government:

Not sure about Advocacy? Let’s start by tracking legislation and regulation in Washington and in all 50 states to inform you of the potential impact that these proposals could have on your business and your stakeholders.