Risk Management & Business Strategy

The world is changing fast. Political risk - the probability that a political action could significantly impact a company’s business – is affecting more businesses in more ways than even before. Today political risk stems from a widening array of actors, including Twitter users, local officials, activists, terrorists, hackers and more. Political actions that impact businesses are happening everywhere – inside homes, on the streets, in the cloud, in chat rooms, dorm rooms, and boardrooms, in neighborhood bars and summit sidebars. Companies that want a competitive edge need to manage risks generated by an array of global political actors.

Excerpt from the book Political Risk

An issue is not just an issue.

Business decisions matter in context.

Today’s political risk is the likelihood that political action can affect a company’s business and consumers. Understanding and proactively managing the risk, reputation, business, and political implications from these actions is vital to success in today’s environment.

Our team will analyze the risk associated with an ever changing business and political climate, and work with you as a business leader on how to deal with these changing dynamics in a way that is most advantageous to your business.   We will partner with our client’s business units to assess and provide advice on how to navigate the issues and dynamics facing your business in order to mitigate and/or capitalize on the impact to your business.